#justthenipple talks about Instagram's fear to the female nipples.

Follow the project at @justthenipple, but before that, scroll down and click some nipples. Don't worry, they are harmless.
The project consists in collecting content self-censored by users on Instagram, then searching and finding the same uncensored images on the internet, to finally upload just the nipples to the network again.

#justthenipple started on the 9th of July 2015. Five days later, Instagram banned the account. A day after filling the claim form, the account is accessible again. On the 23th of January 2016 the account is banned again during 16 days.

Take part and upload just the nipple in your IG account using the hashtag, to give back to Instagram what belongs to Instagram.
First click to show the original post, two clicks to unveil the complete image.
The nipples above are just a selection. You can browse the entire collection here.
Dear models, photographers, editors and any other individuals involved. Thank you all for sharing the nipples with the world and for supporting the project.

Feel free to get in touch by DM on IG or directly by mail (justthenipple at gmail.com).

Love :-)